Manager's Message

Dear Istanbul Atlas University Vocational School Students and Prospective Students

Istanbul Atlas University Vocational School started its education life with a new, young, dynamic and energetic staff with 2020 programs in the 2021-10 academic year.

In line with the vision, mission and future plans, programs, R&D studies and strategic plans of our university, you, with the same emotion, thought, desire, enthusiasm and synergy of all academic and administrative staff of our school, will enable you, our students, to access the highest technological knowledge and the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in your field I want you to be sure that they will do their best by contributing to your acquisition.

Both our laboratories established and equipped with advanced technology in our University, and which have been serving for more than 20 years and where you will do your applications and internships. “Medicine Hospital” Our hospital will enable you to be equipped with the highest level of knowledge and skills and to receive high quality education and training.

We would like to see you, our beloved students, as students and graduates who love their profession, carry their professional identity with pride, perform with enthusiasm and pleasure and never get tired of working, are always excited, constantly follow the innovations in their profession and create opportunities to apply them.

Especially to your families; I would like to thank you, all the staff of our School and University, for their efforts, efforts, dedication and understanding, and wish you a successful and healthy day.

Doç. Dr. Abdulhalim ŞENYİĞİT
Vocational School Director