Oral and Dental Health

Oral and Dental Health Program the purpose of; is to train well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced, dental assistant health personnel needed in the field of dental health. Students graduating from the program " Oral and Dental Health Technician" they get the title.

Oral and Dental Health Technician are technical personnel who assist the dentist during the treatment of oral cavity and jaw disorders organized by the dentist, and are authorized to carry out preventive dentistry practices under the supervision of the dentist, as well as conveying the basic information necessary for the development of oral and dental health awareness to the patient.

It makes the dental units ready for inspection and other operations, follows the sterilization of the materials used, provides surface disinfection and sterilization. It performs tasks such as providing and preparing the necessary materials according to the type of treatment to be applied by the physician in patient examination and treatment applications, helping the physician conducting the treatment during the treatment procedures, providing the supply and control of the treatment and consumables in the clinic.

What are the qualifications required by the program?

Atlas University Oral and Dental Health Program Interested students must be successful in the YKS (TYT) score type. In addition, our students are expected to be interested in Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology and basic medical sciences required by the program. In terms of professional maturity and usefulness after graduation; It is important to be prone to productive and active work, to know how to make the most of scientific data, to have an advanced communication and persuasion skills, to like helping others, to be disciplined and patient.

What opportunities does the program offer its students?

At Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital (ADSUAM), it is aimed to provide a modern and high quality health service by using new materials, devices and treatment methods, as well as to provide the same quality dentistry education. The purpose of our institution is to improve the quality of patient care and service in digital dentistry, which will play an important role in dental practices of the future, by providing high-level education to its students, providing them with good equipment, aiming success in their profession, adhering to ethical rules and having advanced scientific research skills. and to represent the dentistry profession and services in the best way in the national and international arena.

In which fields can graduates find the opportunity to work?

According to the data prepared by the Ministry of Health for 2023 target planning, approximately 30.000 new dentists related to oral and dental health in our country and accordingly  To Oral and Dental Health Technician indicates the need. Graduates can work in dental laboratories, dental clinics, dental units of hospitals and companies that provide technical equipment for dental health.

Undergraduate Transfer Programs

¬ Emergency Aid and Disaster Management
¬ Nursing
¬ Healthcare Management
¬ Social services

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